Why Many Websites Rejected For Adsense | Because 7 New Reasons | Fix

Google AdSense Rejection Reasons, Why Many Websites Rejected For AdSense Approval, How To Approve AdSense Account in two hours

Why Adsense Account Disapproved On My Website?

You will know after reading this post in its entirety that why many websites rejected for adsense. What are the special reasons for this Google rejects millions Of Websites or Apps for adsense partner program. I have selected seven ( 7 ) reasons that are mainly reviewed on your website by Adsense team. That is why adsense account disapproved, let me describe the important issues and i will explain you how to fix that issues To Get Google Adsense approved

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    What are the common mistakes that we do for to get google adsense approval?

    Why many websites rejected for adsense approval? Everyone wants to get google adsense approval you make your website only for your google adsense purpose. But you don’t do the real work, Which causes you to fail   


    Don't use copyrighted material. Be original post pure useful content. Give special reason to read your article and provide useful information, Make high quality websites.

    The mistakes we make and gets ( adsense account disapproved )

    The common mistake that every new person do ( Copyrighted Content )

    1. We do create the website immediately.
    2. We copy other popular sites content. 
    3. Half incomplete website or missing information.
    4. When we are very impatient for google adsense, then we do lot of mistakes.
    Why many websites rejected for adsense

    Here is seven reasons | why many websites rejected for adsense

    Here is the 7+ Google adsense rejection reasons. Google has already mentioned some conditions in there Google Publisher Policies page.  They clearly says that if you will do non acceptable actions on your site than we may have permanently deactivate your adsense on your site or reject your approval request ( this is upon your activity). Google adsense approval as very easy when you work hard with users responsibilities . Be real to get benefits, don’t double cross the google it is too much smart

    1. Insufficient Or Less Content On Website

    If your site has very little text or your website is in ( under construction ). Or the content that makes no sense will not be approved. Must have sufficient high-quality content to provide meaningful user experiences 

      • Make sure your site have enough content of text, site that contains most of content like videos, images, flash animations may not be approved that websites by google adsense.
      • Content should be complete with sentences and paragraphs. Not only headings
      • Don’t apply for adsense if your site is still in under construction or only designed theme/template

    2. No value content ( qality of content )

    You must provide unique content that gives visitors a good reason to visit your website. If your site was founded with content quality issues it may be the reason of adsense application rejection

    • Don’t place the ad code that provided by adsense  on these types of page there is no content ( signup , login, others )
    •  Keep in mind don’t participate in multiple affiliate programs or don’t confuse the visitors. some part of content with affiliated content wont be considered as a violation.

    3. Unwanted content ( policy violation )

    If your website dosen’t comply with google adsense content policies then visit the program policies page for more information

    4. Difficult design ( site nagivation )

    If google adsense team found your site difficult navigate of broken design, it may be the reason of the website disapprove. that is why many websites rejected for adsense approval.

    these things are also included in navigation issue: redirects, pages behind a login or restricted access, broken links, excessive pop-ups, dialers, and pages under construction or not yet launched.

    5. Unknown traffic sources ( issues tith traffic )

    Adsense may not place the ads on pages that web traffic comes from paid ads or any unwanted email campaigns this can be the reason of reject adsense application.

    • Traffic should be organic from the search engines or direct from mind feed
    • trafiic from social media platforms is acceptaible for adsense 
    • do not get paid traffic ads on most unwanted sites or that not matter for your blog

    6. Unsupported languages

    Which languages are supported for google adsense program and which are not here is the list of all languages in a single image. that is why many websites rejected for google adsense

    Why Many Websites Rejected For Adsense , TrickySaja Adsense

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